IOSH Leading Safely Course

IOSH Leading Safely Course

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Responsible leaders understand the importance of health and safety, but effective leaders also understand its value to their business as a whole. The IOSH Leading Safely course focuses on the health and safety principles and practices that are essential to effective business leadership; covering only what you need, when you need it, in as short time as possible.

Who should attend this course?

Strong leaders with the ambition and drive to improve key areas of their business. Whatever the size of your organisation, this course will show you how investing in health and safety reaps valuable business benefits. Effective health and safety leads to better productivity, increased profits, improved reputation and a stronger brand in the marketplace.

Business benefits

Those who complete this course will be able to demonstrate increased productivity through a reduction in accident rates, absences and sick leave, leading to increased profits for their business. This course will also teach you to recognise the value of strategic health and safety and its integration into business management systems to improve performance. Enrolling on this course gives you a greater awareness of occupational health and safety and how it can increase value for your business, be it through reduced insurance premiums and legal costs, or through enhancing your reputation among suppliers, clients and partners. This course is a nationally recognised certification that shows compliance with national health and safety legislation, certifying that you are a responsible leader of a health, safety and environmentally conscious business.

Course delivery

IOSH Leading Safely is an efficient and effective course with a duration of five hours. The course is delivered by our highly qualified consultants, all of whom have vast experience of leading in the context of health and safety. The course content includes interactive questionnaires on your health and safety leadership behaviours, with personalised reports generated based on your responses to offer insightful suggestions on how to improve. You will also be given case studies, tailored to your needs and industry, showcasing how things can go wrong, how to get things right and how to put your new found knowledge into practice; we use a Plan, Do, Check, Act model to make this as smooth and simple as possible.


This course is delivered from a dedicated training room at our premises at Louth Meridian House, Unit 9, Eastgate, LN11 9NH. (1 Day) - 29th June '17 and 10th October '17 Price: £299 (plus Vat)
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